LAC is now offering remote propane tank monitoring services for all propane customers! These tank monitors are high quality, battery powered devices that use cellular technology to transfer your tank information for remote monitoring. Dual sim cards allow for extensive coverage areas.

Simple, Worry-Free Propane Tank Monitoring Service

Contact us today to see how you can see the level of your tank anytime, anywhere!

Is it affordable?
For less than $2.50/month you can monitor your tank! This subscription fee is billed to your account annually at a rate of $29.00/monitor.

Existing customers, please complete the form below to get signed up for LAC's tank monitoring service.

If you are currently not a LAC customer, or if you are a customer that does not have an account set up, we would love to help you get started. You can get started by filling out a credit application, which can be found online at can also stop by or call our main office at (866) 346-5601.

Once approved, a subscription agreement will be drafted and your tank monitor will be installed. You will receive instructions for app installation and use after your monitor is set up.

*This request form is not a binding agreement, an annual subscription agreement will be required.

The subscription fee of $29.00/year per monitor is billed to your customer account annually. (This equates to less than $2.50/month!)